From the MD: What are the Emerging People Trends for ASEAN and Australia?

The year has progressed quickly and we are at the tail-end of the first quarter. Recently, I wrote a piece on my LI based on a podcast conversation with Fundamento’s CEO Ankit Durga in February. One of the questions was: “What is an emerging trend that I have observed since the beginning of 2023? At the start and end of […]

7 Drivers That Build Belonging in the Workplace

How every leader can make employees feel like essential teammates, as opposed to meaningless cogs in the machine. In a great workplace, employees feel like they belong to something greater than themselves. They don’t feel pressured to assimilate or conform, nor do they feel ostracized or excluded because of who they are. They feel seen […]

How great workplaces build an eco-system of equity as part of their workplace culture

Leaders at great workplaces recognize the importance of building a For All™ culture to maximize human potential, which in turn enables their businesses to remain agile and competitive amidst the fast-paced and challenging macro environment. They establish a foundation of trust based on equitable workplace practices that take into account the varied lived experiences of […]

Key Insights & Advice from Our Study of Women at Work

Men aren’t necessarily failing women at work – company culture is. Unfortunately, women’s workplace experience continues to lag behind that of men’s. To understand why, and how we can rewrite this narrative, we need to look at the data. Men are twice as likely to perceive the workplace as fair and equal When it comes […]

Belonging in the Workplace: What Does It Mean and Why Does It Matter?

Image: Employees at Certified great place to work, Vizient.  Belonging is vital to performance, innovation and retention, and starts with executive commitment. Belonging is one of the biggest buzzwords in business today. It’s about time. Generations of company executives turned a blind eye to how well people – that is, people of diverse backgrounds – fit in […]

10 Creative Employee Spotlight Examples

How award-winning workplaces spotlight their company culture and employee experience on social media. When it comes to recruiting top talent, there’s no better tool than word of mouth – especially when those words come straight from the mouths of employees themselves. That’s why Great Place To Work Certification™ is so powerful. When companies to carry […]

Building a Strong Company Culture: How to Foster a Positive and Productive Workplace

Company culture is the backbone of any successful organization. It is the set of values, beliefs, behaviors, and customs that shape the way employees interact with each other and with customers. A strong company culture promotes employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction, leading to a positive and productive workplace. In this article, we will discuss […]

How To Write A Winning Culture Audit – For Vietnamese Clients

Now that you are Great Place To Work Certified™, you’re one final step away from being eligible for the Best Workplaces™, Vietnam List. Completion of your Culture Audit is the final step that will allow your organization to be eligible to participate in the 2023 Vietnam Best Workplaces™ list, which is globally recognized. The Culture Audit™ is an account of your unique company culture, and […]

The Importance of Goal Setting In The Workplace

Goal setting in the workplace is imperative for business success. Not only does the business as a whole need to have goals, but these goals also need to be broken down into smaller goals and milestones to be achieved along the way to reaching those bigger goals. There also needs to be goals set for […]

11 Characteristics of an Employer of Choice

In the recently published World’s Best Workplaces™ 2020: Rising to Historic Challenges report, data shows that when employees feel genuinely cared for and know management is taking care of their financial security, employee loyalty and commitment become stronger and help a company recover faster in crises. In this article, we share 11 characteristics employees value most in their […]

The Way Forward: What Best Workplaces across ASEAN do to build a For All culture

In our final installment of this mini-series, we share what Best Workplaces™ across ASEAN do to build a For All™ culture, and what we found to be special and unique about organizations’ practices and programs in each of the respective countries. A Great Place To Work For All In his book “A Great Place to […]

How Best Workplaces across ASEAN build a culture of innovation By All

Our fifth blog in this series on how Best Workplaces™ in ASEAN build a high-trust workplace culture covers the topic of Innovation By All. In today’s environment marked by constant change, an organization’s ability to build a high-trust culture and maximize human potential across all levels of the organization is critical for employee innovation to […]